Anxiety and absence 

Hey everyone, apologies for my absence, I've had a tough month and struggled to concentrate due to stress and anxiety.  I am hoping to start blogging regularly, about topics such as, health, fashion, beauty, baking, crafts, music... Literally my lifestyle and interests combined, because, why not?!  I think it's important for us spoonies to share … Continue reading Anxiety and absence 

Normal day style VS Modelling

For those of us who suffer with chronic fatigue, we know all too well how difficult it can be to get dressed in the morning let alone style our hair or do our makeup.  With chronic illnesses come widespread pain, exhaustion, skin problems, insomnia... the list goes on, so for me personally, I try to … Continue reading Normal day style VS Modelling

Pain is so exhausting

I've always had a love/hate relationship with sleep and rarely feel refreshed even if I do get a decent amount of sleep.  But as my pain has worsened, I've found myself completely wiped out, who knew pain would be so exhausting?! I've hardly done anything today because my body says NO!  Over the last 15 … Continue reading Pain is so exhausting